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We, at Esé Azénabor are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment that is free of risks for all workers, contractors, volunteers, visitors and members of the public.  Hazards or risks to health and safety will be eliminated or minimised, as far as is reasonably practicable, so as to prevent injury, illnesses and dangerous incidents.  Where an injury occurs, Esé Azénabor will ensure that early and appropriate injury management processes is provided to enable effective return to work.
 Esé Azénabor will create a safe environment by developing a Safety System that will:
    1. Allocate responsibility and appropriate resources to effectively implement our Safety System;
    2. Establish measurable objectives and targets to enable continuous improvement;
    3. Build a safety culture that will empower all employees to be responsible and accountable for health and safety;
    4. Comply with relevant legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe;
    5. Implement a risk management process relevant to our operations;
    6. Provide safe plant and equipment;
    7. Effectively consult and communicate with relevant parties on safety issues that will affect them; and
    8. Provide relevant training and information to enable safe work practices. 
Esé Azénabor will develop and implement effective injury and claims management programs that will:
    1. Provide suitable duties for an injured employee in line with our Injury Management Programs to enable successful return to work outcomes; and
    2. Fair and equitable claims management will be provided for all injured employees while ensuring confidentiality of information at all times.
    3. The Esé Azénabor Work Health & Safety Policy has been developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders and is available to all interested parties.
Specific implementation details of the Work Health & Safety Policy will be described in the Esé Azénabor safety management system.  The successful implementation of the policy objectives will be periodically reviewed to ensure its relevance and continuous improvement.